Looking for a straighter, cleaner smile but don’t like the look of brackets? Invisalign is the most innovative and revolutionary treatment of its kind and its popularity has grown exponentially.

Using made to measure, removable, transparent dental trays over a period of time your teeth will gradually be moved to their ideal position.

At the start of the treatment you will receive a set of dental trays. Every 1-2 weeks you’ll will change the tray. Each tray gives a smaller or tighter fit and this gradually forces the teeth to move in to place.

It’s such a popular option because it’s very effective, comfortable and simple. It also has the added bonus in that the trays are virtually invisible. The trays can be removed whenever you want so you can continue eating all the foods you like!

At H144 we specialize in the Invisalign treatment – we’ll complete an aesthetic and functional preliminary study to analyse the initial position of your teeth. We then take 3D images and create a simulated model of your mouth. Finally, we’ll send all this information to the Invisalign International centre of Planning to prepare, construct and deliver the personalized transparent dental trays. On top of this you can come for a check-up every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress.

Sapphire brackets

Sapphire brackets are a type of fixed bracket that provide a more aesthetically pleasing look than conventional metal brackets.

At H144 we specialize in the new orthodontic technique based on Sapphire stone. This type of bracket provides great resistance, precision in movements and are very comfortable. The added bonus is that they are practically transparent, the sapphire completely blends in with your natural dental enamel and is resistant to stains of coffee, tobacco or other foods.

Aesthetic composite seals – Fillings

Commonly known as a filling – which is essentially the treatment of tooth decay. Firstly, we remove and clean all infected tissue and then we substitute the removed tissue with a material that restores the health, structural integrity and appearance of the tooth.

Tooth decay is caused by acids generated by dental plaque bacteria. It can affect any tooth surface and it is necessary to treat quickly so that it does not infect the tooth to the point that it reaches the nerve, in which case endodontics (root canal) or tooth extraction will be necessary.

Traditionally fillings were done with a “Silver amalgam” material which does have the advantage of speed, resistance and low cost. However, in recent years alternative materials have been found which overcome the disadvantages of silver amalgam (health/environment risks due to mercury & contrasting dark colour against white enamel).

In H144 we specialize in aesthetically pleasing fillings by using composite resins. Composites are a material that mimic natural enamel much closer than silver, they are completely safe for health and possess biomechanical properties very similar to those of the natural tooth.

Dental inlays

This is one of the restorative methods used to repair a tooth after it sustains harm from injury/decay that does not affect the cusps of the tooth. Essentially an inlay is required where the structural integrity of the tooth is fine, but the damage is too severe for a traditional filling.

We will take an impression of your tooth and send it to a laboratory where the pre-moulded inlay is made. Inlays are manufactured from porcelain or composite resin material matching the colour of the tooth and provide almost invisible dental restoration while repairing the chewing surface.

Dental inlays are generally more durable than regular fillings that are made from composite or amalgam.